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The Winner is .......

COQ AU VIN! It was a close call but I will be making Julia Childs Coq au Vin. I grew up watching old cooking shows and hers was one of them .... she always reminded me of a much taller version of my grandma- Julia was 6'2 and my grandma was 4'9ish lol. Another old favourite of mine was 'Two Fat Ladies' do any of you remember that one??

I will be making the Coq Au Vin this week and of course, will be posting on Instagram and blogging about it. I am super excited to try it... I still may make the Boeuf Bourguignon but that will be for another time.

This weekend at Tee's Cuisine I put out my Mothers Day Brunch Box, thanks to the many local small businesses that helped contribute to the boxes, it was a huge success. I have made many wonderful connections thru Tee's Cuisine and am very pleased to say that my tribe is filled with truly amazing, kind, talented humans.

I hope all you wonderful moms enjoyed your day yesterday! I spent part of the day looking thru one of my favourite (there are many) Jaime Oliver cookbooks for ideas for the June blog meal, so stay tuned for the voting on that! Then I had a wonderful bubble bath with infused bath fizz from and candles from @skandlesemporium, flowers, good music and of course great weed.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Coq Au Vin.

Have a great week!


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