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Tee's Instant Pot Adventures

So now that I've come to terms with the fact that I absolutely LOVE my Instant Pot, I figured it was only right I share all my faves so far! As I mentioned in my last blog, turkey stock and soup were the first things I made in my IP. The stock was simple;

Roast the bones until brown, put into the IP with a few carrots, celery stalks, an onion, a bunch of garlic cloves, bay leaves, salt and pepper top up with water and let it go for 40-60 minutes. It is so flavourful and delicious!

One of the next things I made was pasta. I was very sceptical because I am not a fan of soggy pasta, in fact, I like mine almost al dente lol. well, friends, I was pleasantly surprised, it came out perfect and was so easy to make! Simply brown ground beef in the IP, add onions, garlic, mushrooms, and green peppers saute a few more minutes, add salt and pepper. Turn saute off, put pasta( I prefer short pasta as it has less chance of sticking together ) noodles on top of the beef, DO NOT MIX!! pour water until just at the top of the pasta then top pasta with a jar of your favourite store-bought or homemade sauce, again DO NOT STIR! Pressure cook for as long as pasta package specifies ie; 5 mins for al dente, cook for 5 mins. Quick-release, stir and enjoy.

Last but definitely not least is Chicken Tinga Tacos-so yummy. It's so simple I had chicken legs with the thigh attached, just remove the skin, season with salt, pepper, cumin, coriander and paprika. Place in the IP, in a small bowl, combine 1 cup stock( I used chicken), chilli powder, cumin, red chilli flakes, black pepper and a bay leaf pour over chicken. Pressure cook for about 8 mins per pound of chicken. Natural release, remove chicken and shred then add it back to the pot with the juices. If they need to reduce a bit turn on to saute high for a few mins. We had soft tortillas topped with the chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream. Delicious!

I hope you enjoy the recipes I've shared with you, I'd love to hear some feedback :) Remember to subscribe to stay up to date with all the deliciousness that's happening. Enjoy the rest of your weekend y'all!

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