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Tee's Spring 2021

What is my spring going to look like? I'm hoping for sunny days, flowers in bloom, lots of amazing food, of course, lol. What are some of your favourite spring things? I am super excited to plan my garden (but will have to wait for nicer weather- thanks Edmonton). This year I'm going to focus on herbs, tomatoes and peppers, and then of course my usual flowers.

I have been flipping thru Julia Child's cookbook 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' and have decided that I will choose 1 of her famous recipes to feature in my blog. I have narrowed it down to COQ AU VIN (Chicken in red wine with onions, mushrooms and bacon) or BOEUF BOURGUIGNON (Beef stew in red wine with bacon, mushrooms and onions). leave your comment and let me know what one you would like me to make :)

Coq Au Vin is on the left and Boeuf Bourguignon is on the right.

I've really missed making the blog meals and interacting with yall!

I have been playing around in the kitchen a lot lately and have come pretty close to mastering buss up shot roti, I am quite proud of myself as it's not as easy as the other types of roti. I have developed a Drunken Mussel dish that will be appearing on the upcoming menus, as well as some lovely lamb chops. Our spice blends are back in stock and remember you can also get them infused!

Remember to vote for the bog meal and go follow me on Instagram @teescuisine.

Have a great day


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