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Updated: Oct 8, 2019

So…, I don’t know much about blogs, blogging, or even being a blogger. What I do know about is food- all types of food!. My love for food started from a very young age, from watching my mom in the kitchen rolling out roti, or slicing apples for apple crisp. Eggs were the first thing I started to experiment with, perfecting a mushroom and cheese omelette at around 6th grade. Food is something I am so passionate about and whether I’m at a farmer’s market, trying a new restaurant, or at home preparing dinner, it really is my happy place.

I know you’re probably wondering what this blog is all about, right? Well, I have a plethora of recipes from various sources, that I am going to make and share with y’all! I’ll post the recipe, what the kids and I thought of it, what we would change if anything, and of course, pictures!

To start, I’ll be making Shrimp Pad Thai and Lemon Bars. I am very excited about these 2 recipes, as my love for lemons and noodles will be satisfied! Stay tuned to find out how this deliciousness turns out!

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