Tee's Back!!

I have Amazing news to share with y’all…. I’m catering an event at Fire and Flower!!!!! I am a huge supporter of the cannabis community and all the benefits that come from cannabis products, so this to me, is so super exciting, I can’t describe how happy I am. I’ve been busy brainstorming and playing around in the kitchen, trying to nail down a munchie menu for the event. I’m going to work edible flowers into one of the desserts, I’m having so much fun playing around with this!.......

That was the start to my last blog, and then instantly it all changed. I have remained noticeably quiet for a while during this difficult time. Mainly because that’s just me, quiet and private, but also because I have spent the last year putting my heart and soul into pursuing my dream. I love to cook, I love to feed people, seeing people enjoying something that I have made makes my soul happy it makes my heart smile. Now, on the 1-year anniversary of Tee’s Cuisine, we were closed, the future is so unsure for a small business such as mine. In light of this, I have been supporting other LOCAL small businesses as much as I possibly can. Not all small business is getting help from the government, I cannot stress how important it is that we support each other in this time AND moving forward!

There are so many things going on, the virus, the unjust things happening. We need to be kind and spread love and understanding. I’ve decided to focus on what I can personally do to make the world a better place. I’ve come across some great people by shopping local, my homesteader friend that is so much like me and makes the best natural deodorant, my peeps that I get all my sprouts/shoots/microgreens from are so lovely and pretty dope, and there is so many more. As someone who is pretty reserved and quiet, I have really enjoyed networking and meeting all these amazing people.

I re-opened but then a week later had to close due to self-isolation as my daughter was sick, that felt like such a setback. However, I am determined, and we have reopened and have had a great 1st week! I got a new deep fryer, I know I know air fryer is healthier, but I like things the way I like them lol and if I eat a salad also it balances out- that the libra coming out haha, but I have been frying my little heart out. There is something about food that is so simple and beautiful, the way you can transform and build incredible flavours, lol I really love food.

Summer is here and I can finally grow some of our own food, so happy! I wish I could grow it all and all year round, I did buy a greenhouse for inside so we will see what I can continue to grow to overwinter in the house. I have also started to grow my own cannabis again, so I will be playing around with some infused desserts and foods to be included on the menu. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you as I go.



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