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Almost a year.......

Its been almost a year since my last blog post, I've started to write many before this but wasn't able to. Those of you that know me know that the last year of my life has been the hardest one ever, my mom, after going thru 8 painful weeks of chemo and radiation, was told her cancer was incurable and had less than a year to live. I am in tears as I write, May 25, 2021 is when they told her, and our lives changed forever. I decided to take a step back from Tee's Cuisine and focus on my family, mom and I made it out to Melanie's homestead to pick up our plants and visit Tom the turkey, who by the way mom was terrified of, even tho he's a lover boy LOL.

My family and food go hand in hand , we are always eating , planning to eat, going out to eat etc. My mom was always cooking and as a very young child I was in the kitchen with her, we did a lot of cooking together throughout my whole life. When she was unable to cook I would go over and cook for her and my brother as he was working, and I am so happy and grateful I was able to do this for them and enjoy those moments with her. My mom passed away December 19 2021, I didn't cook anything for weeks, I just couldn't do it. Then one day I decided to make pancakes, something my mom made for us a million times, slowly my passion for cooking has come back, it really reminds me of my mom so it's definitely bittersweet.

I was asked to be a vendor at NOSH food fest, which was HUGE for me it was my 1st big market and I was extremely nervous and overwhelmed. First day of the market was so amazing all the vendors were so nice and super helpful, I was humbled to be there. I have a few markets coming up this spring/summer and I am so ready to tackle them! I have been working on my menus and developing a few new items- which by the way they are super amazing- as well as collaborating with the most amazing women. I am truly blessed to have such strong like minded women around me, we are truly a force.

The kids and I spent spring break at a wonderful cabin in the woods, it was a peaceful much needed break from "life" . We hung out, cooked together, built fires, chopped wood(my son), and just enjoyed being together, something I feel like we don't do enough of anymore. Life is so special and things can change at any moment, I urge everyone to truly live in the moment, spend time with your people, tell/show them they are loved, enjoy each moment and Enjoy Good Food!

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